Training & Development of the Un-Employed youth of Pakistan was from the on-set and goes back to 1998, where Trainings were conducted at our Clients facilities for the upgrades of all staff from Entry level to Management over a short period of time, to where we house ZSIC today.

ZSIC is an initiative of the Chairman and Directors of Zia Group for the employees of SZS to discover their skills and develop it to earn an honest & respectable identity in Pakistan and abroad. No Commitment for employees is required regarding return of investment in them by SZS except to lead an Honest & Professional Life and Better their social economic value for their family and the country.

ZSIC is proud to entertain all Pakistani Citizens holding a valid NIC to enroll at any level and develop into the management and key position in hospitality and service industry. The best of Practical & Theory trainings are available and encouraged for every employee. We feel pride that ZSIC trained staff get the employment overseas and serving abroad in reputed industry.

ZSIC was established with the philosophy to train and develop Pakistani Youth of remote areas. Basic Philosophy of our Chairman & Director:- • To support through training the Under privileged People & Families of Remote & Urban areas of Pakistan. • Pick up the youth of Remote areas, train them from Entry level. • After evaluating the potential of the individual, initiate the training program according to the requirement. • To provide them skill opportunities to transfer to their next generation.

In order to boost training and give recognition ZSIC established a Training Relationship with TrainCan Canada through IHCS a Canadian consulting Company, and introduced fst (Food Safety Training).

Total Canadian fst Certified SZS employees are 53 and they are certified trainer to train other peoples.

Considering the communication gap we translate all the Canadian training material in local Urdu Language which is approved by TrainCan Canada and as of to date we have 128 FST student certified in local language.

After more than ten decades, our unique business philosophy remains the same:
If it is not good enough for my family, it is not good enough for your family!