Road Works

ZIA constructs expressways and highways using fully mechanized construction methods to achieve international standards of quality. At Oil and Gas field we have builds temporary bridges of many types in various span ranges which are used for transportation of heavy equipment’s. ZIA also undertakes strengthening and widening of roads. Recently, ZIA has taken up the construction of concrete pavements using fully mechanized paving trains, large-capacity batching plants, and dumpers. ZIA is pre-qualified Construction contractor of Oil & Gas, E & P companies, Mining, Power & Energy Generation Companies, National Highway, MES, B & R and can takes up maintenance of national highways and state highways, using sophisticated equipment for resurfacing.

ZIA undertakes large scale mechanized construction of airstrip along with maintenance hangars and runways, aprons, taxiways, airfield lighting - to international standards in remote areas.

Cross Country Pipelines for Oil & Gas & Shut Downs

ZIA offers complete civil, structural, mechanical works and equipment erection for oil and gas plants, including shutdown and revamp jobs.

Execution of cross-country pipeline projects involving laying, testing and commissioning of pipelines, civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works including, design, engineering and procurement for composite station works, cathode protection system for pipelines/station, OFC laying, testing and commissioning, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) works for river crossings.

Along with our partner and associate we can offer the complete package for oil and gas.

After more than ten decades, our unique business philosophy remains the same:
If it is not good enough for my family, it is not good enough for your family!